Work Samples

2020 demo reel

Here is a short sample of the work I've put together over the years.  

Shot Clean-up Examples

Here are a few shots demonstrating footage cleanup and harness/wire removal.

P3 Heads Up Promotional video

Multimorphic got a rare opportunity to put their pinball machines on location at a major Family Entertainment Center chain, so we made this video to promote the run.    

2019 Houston Arcade Expo Spot

Every year I produce a new promo video for the Houston Arcade Expo.  Each year involves a mix of custom animation based on show that year's artwork and show footage.  This year's video had more than 80,000 views on facebook and was shared hundreds of times.  

Multimorphic P3 Modularity Video

Multimorphic wanted to show off the modularity and expandability of their platform, so I came up with this concept for them. Audio recorded and mixed by the talented David Thiel. 3D models designed by T.J. Weaver.

Multimorphic P3 Teaser Video

This is a teaser video I designed, animated, and directed for Multimorphic, inc.

I've been a pinball enthusiast since childhood, and a collector for a few years now. I love the history of the game, and have always appreciated how big technological innovations have ushered in each new era. I wanted to show that rich history, as well as illustrate that the industry has been stuck for the last 15 years with very little true innovation.

The P3 changes that in many ways, and this video set out to show that it is the next major leap in the history of the industry. I am really proud of how this one came out.

Verint Explainer Video

I directed and animated this explainer video for Verint's Personalized Guidance platform. 

Chronogolf Explainer Video

I directed and animated this explainer video for Chronogolf's golf course management software, which was also delivered in European French and French Canadian translations.

Xandem Explainer Video

Xandem needed an easy way to quickly explain their new security system to potential customers.  I directed and animated this piece.

Insightly Explainer Video

This is a piece I animated and directed for Simplifilm. The purpose was to take a complex piece of CRM software and present it in a simple and understandable manner.

Envato Tuts+ Premium Logo Build

Here is a logo build I was commissioned to animate for Envato's Tuts+ Premium product.

Shell Houston Open Spot

This is a TV spot I animated and edited for the Shell Houston Open

Prosperity Bank Spot

This is a whiteboard concept I animated for a local regional bank.

Wordfence Explainer Video

I directed and animated this explainer video for Wordfence, basing the look and feel off of their logo and website at the time.

Company Trailer

My client requested that I turn their longer corporate video into a 1 minute trailer. I repackaged the content into a more concise message, and added a new graphical treatment throughout.

Major Emergency Management Video

My client DCI needed a video to explain their product and differentiate themselves in the market of major emergency management. I directed the simulator scenes on set and edited the piece.

Conference Video Intro Animation

This is a piece I animated for my client's annual Compliance conference.  The design was based off of their print materials.

Science Show Pitch Piece

This is an animated piece I animated and directed for a Science Themed Show. I worked with the extremely talented crew at Collection Ageny Films to create this animated sequnce, shown here without final audio naration.

Divorcely Explainer Video

This is a video I directed and animated for Simplifilm. I wanted to portray how Divorcely's product guided users through a difficult process using easy step-by-step instructions, and I felt the street sign/gps visual metaphor was effective in achieving that. I am very happy with the final product.

myhELO Explainer Video

This is an explainer video I did with the great guys at Simplifilm. I directed and animated this piece, while the excellet script was written by Chris Johnson, and the fantastic voice over was read by Erin Setch. A companion piece aimed at physicians was also produced.

Conn's Minute Maid Park Jumbotron Spot

This is a spot I designed for Conn's to show on the Jumbotron at Minute Maid Park before Astros games. Because of the prohibitive costs involved with HD spot distribution, we produced all of the broadcast spots for Conn's in SD, but since we were going on the Jumbotron, we decided to produce this spot in HD. They needed a general use spot that covered their main selling points, and I put this together for them in a few days. I really like how it turned out. I am responsible for the design, editing, and animation of the spot.

Conn's Spring Clean-up Concept

This is a spot I designed for Conn's Spring Clean-up Sale. They ended up going with another concept in the end, but I always loved how this one turned out. I am responsible for the design, editing, and animation of the spot.

Conn's Big Game Spot

This is a spot I designed for Conn's after the holidays campaign. I am responsible for the design, editing, and animation of the spot.

Conn's Lamar Football TV Spot

I was responsible for animating, editing, and graphic design of elements in spot. This was animated using After Effects with various effects packages.

Demo Reel Animated for The Editing Company

This was animated using After Effects, Particular, and 3-D Invigorator primarily.

Segment from "The Golden Age of Texas Courthouses"

This is from a 30 minute documentary that I edited. It aired on PBS stations throughout Texas.

Conn's Digital Transition Video

This is a video I edited and animated to educate Conn's customers about their options when it came to the analog broadcast shutoff. This was obviously made before congress extended the cutoff by a few months, but the same principles still held.

Pat Peck Honda Service Spot

This is an example of Kinetic Type used in a simple spot. I designed and animated all the text, as well as edited the spot.

Conn's March Madness Spot

This is a commercial I edited and animated for Conn's March Madness sale, which for trademark reasons was called simply "Conn's Madness Sale" and we figured you got the point. After Effects and Final Cut Pro.

More to come.

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